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Gulf production

We strive to open up new horizons for Gulf dramas and movies to have their place on global platforms.

Tunisian production

We keep up with the growing interest in Tunisian drama and movies by presenting the most outstanding stars and works.

Egyptian production

Excellent work experience in Egyptian cinema and drama, and good relations with stars, directors, and producers.


We are a distribution and production company registered in the UAE with representatives in Egypt and Tunisia, covering the Middle East and North Africa. We have gained our long experience in the field of producing and distributing program content for more than 30 years, working with major production companies, television channels, and OTT digital platforms. We have succeeded in building a strong network of relationships based on professionalism and good reputation.

Our continued presence at entertainment marketing events has helped us build and enhance our knowledge and understanding of all markets locally and internationally, so we present a wide range of powerful TV series (Egyptian, Tunisian, and dubbed) and movies, and we seek to spread the culture of web series in our Arab societies. In addition to innovative Programmatic templates that continue to attract the imagination and interactions of Middle East and North African audiences.

All this has made us a gateway to a strong customer base around the world, from independent producers to TV networks, OTT digital platforms, leading production companies, and television channels in North Africa and the Middle East. At the same time, we are seeking to create high-level TV program templates to help enrich social media platforms, websites, and Web TVs, in line with the high-speed shift in the direction of digital media culture and as a result of the massive evolution in the means of producing and distributing content through the Internet.

تصميم وتنفيذ برامج متخصصة وحملات فيديو

We design and implement specialized programs and promotional video

awareness-raising, guiding, and promotional video campaigns for medical centres and health agencies, for malls and marketing centres, medical advice programs, direct video interaction programs with the public.

توفر شركة فيديو يو إنتاج برامجي ومحتوى فيديو دوري

We provide the production of programs and periodic video content

for cultural bodies’ platforms, sports institutions, marketing centres, real estate investment and development companies, medical and health platforms, and specialized blogs.

توفر شركة فيديو يو فديوهات قصيرة معلوماتية وترويجية

We produce short information and promotional videos


for real estate marketing companies, tourist and leisure destinations, and sports facilities and clubs.

Vision and Mission

Our vision

Our goal is to be among the pioneers in the Arab region in the distribution of purposeful programmatic, dramatic and cinematic content at various viewing platforms. And in adopting IP technologies in producing and broadcasting program content to keep up with the digital media age with strategies that allow us to serve customers at all levels.

رسالتنا في شركة فيديو يو

Our Mission

Apply every innovative approach that can be mastered to distribute and produce premium program content for all viewing platforms.




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